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It is Fajita Friday here in the Hendricks household.  I’m enjoying a nice cold Dos Equis and Tim is grilling the meat.  It has been a while since I have posted, and a lot has changed.  This change is the main reason for my sudden lack in posts.  For the past month(s) so much has been happening and though Tim and I have been trying to sort through it all, we have been lacking in clear definitive answers. We still are, but we now know where the next week, month(s), maybe even year, is heading.  Let me start from March:

Low-light Number 1:  I was not asked back to Raines High School for the 2013-2014 year.  The day before spring break I got the news and I was bummed, big time.  Unfortunately, it was my pride that kicked in with the “why was I not enough?” “what did I do wrong?” “why did they not want me?”  Do you see the problem with all of those questions? I was focused solely on me, myself, and I.  This did not pass quickly, but true sorrow grew alongside it as I began to think of the students I had been learning from, working alongside of, and investing in.  Realizing I would not be at RHS first hand to witness their graduation next year or the year after really hurt my heart.  However, I am very grateful both for my time at Raines, and for being let go, not only because of the job I have now (I will get to that shortly), but also because being let go kind of snapped me out of a slumber I had been in.  Not wanting to step on anyone’s toes and trying to slowly figure out my place at the school, I had been very quiet, and kept to myself for the most part, feeling very insecure in who I was and what I was doing many days.  But for some odd reason, being told I was better off elsewhere re-lit my competitive fire and I was ready to do great, be great, and succeed greatly.  Perfect for interviewing.

High-light Number 1: I did not waste time moping around.  I believed in myself, I believed in the gifts and talents the Lord has equipped me with, and in the face of rejection I felt more confident than ever.  The Holy Spirit used this time to show me who I was made to be, and what my Maker thought of me, and having been made in His great image, I too was made to be great.  I was no longer going to wait for someone, some other human, to tell me I was great, I already knew this because of who had made me.  This resulted in me first chopping my hair off.  I had been wanting to get a pixie cut for a very long time and so I went for it, no longer being willing to sit around for someone to tell me I should because I could.  I just did, and I love my new hair!  Then it was all about filling out applications, updating resumes, sending e-mails, typing cover letters, etc.  I spent many delightful hours in Starbucks with an ice cold coffee next to a sunny window beaming with excitement while writing all about the thing I love to do: teach.  Though it was a disappointing start to my spring break, being able to write to so many people about my love for students and teaching, and my belief in the impact of education was awesome and encouraging.  The first week after break I took a day off to drive my resume around Houston to schools so I could personally hand it to the principal.  I got one interview out of doing this, which is one more than I thought I would get,  and the principal was impressed with me.  He did not have any openings at the time, but told me he would call the curriculum director at Lamar High School.  He must have, because the next day I was called about an interview. It went wonderfully, and I was offered a job on the spot.  I am very excited to officially announce that I am going to be teaching math and coaching drill team at Lamar High School this next year!  No longer a long term sub, I have a contract, a name tag, and benefits.  If you can’t read it in this very long paragraph, I am smiling ear to ear, feeling blessed beyond belief.

High-Light #2: Despite being so excited about my new job, I was still very dedicated to the one I held.  Knowing I would have a hard time saying goodbye to Raines, I by no means wanted it to be easy for them to say goodbye to me.  I did not want to harm or hinder the school in any way, but to do the very best I could until the end.  I did not do this perfectly, but I learned a lot in the process.  Helping at risk students succeed is incredibly rewarding and worth all of the hard work that goes into the challenge.  However, amid all of this excitement of students passing state assessments, I got a text from Tim one day reading “what if I get a significant raise to move to Malaysia for a year?”


Naturally after pacing around the room for a bit I googled Malaysia, as I had no clue where it was until that point.  I called him, we talked, he applied, I was stressed, he was accepted, and now the earliest he could leave is January, which means I can stay here and teach and join him next summer, however nothing is official.  Nothing.  If something does become official I will write more about that later, but just know that a year in Malaysia was thrown in to the mix in April.  Like I said,  a lot has been happening.

High-Light #3: We’re moving! Finally, we will be living IN the city and we could NOT be more excited.  Next Saturday we will be loading up a truck, and heading in.  We love our new apartment, we love the area we are living in, and I can literally walk to my new school.  No more long drives to get to church, or friends, or small group.

High-Light #4: Spiritual growth. Amid all of the possibilities and opportunities, there has been an increased need for patience, peace, and trust in our God.  The God.  Jesus.  This has been hard, and I know the Lord has been breaking me down, revealing to me the very selfish spaces in my heart.  More extraordinary though, for the first time I have been able to witness Tim’s heart being broken.  I am seeing him moved in incredible ways by big things, things we both aren’t ready to discuss, but I am grateful, so grateful, for a partner that cares for God, for me, and for this world.  I’m not sure what the Lord is doing, but I know that He is demanding more of both of us.  He wants our whole lives, not just part, He wants us to lose our whole life, to not be attached to any thing, so that we can find true life, and experience life at its fullest.  What this looks like, we have no idea, we’re still waiting and trusting.

High-Light #5: WE MADE IT ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! For our one year anniversary Tim recreated our first date, with a picnic by the lake.  It was lovely.  I got to feed turtles which I found to be thrilling, only Tim could understand my delight in feeding turtles.  I love that.  I love my partner, my friend, my beloved.  Then we went to see Man of Steel where we both fist pumped every time there was a reference to Kansas.

Ok, that isn’t everything, but it is some of the big things, and like I said, it’s Fajita Friday, the second best day of the week (first being Taco Thursday, we really love Mexican food).  If you read this whole thing, wow, thank you for loving me so much, seriously, that you would want to know about me and my partner, our life, means so much!

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