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We sat at my favorite restaurant  as I ate my favorite pasta, in the perfect weather.  Swapping pens, and dreaming both together and independently, the thirty things that we want to do be for the big 3-0 arrives.  We will share our journey with you as we accomplish these dreams and goals.

Tim’s List of Goals:

  1. Match at Old Trafford
  2. Grow a Beard
  3. Learn Spanish 
  4. Learn French (In progress)
  5. Go to Africa (Missions)
  6. Go to South America (Missions)
  7. Go to Asia
  8. Go to Australia/New Zealand
  9. Take a Martial Arts Class 
  10. Read top 50 books (In progress)
  11. Watch top 100 movies (In progress)
  12. Pay off student loans (In progress)
  13. Invest in permanent living
  14. Build UAV helicopter
  15. Pilot’s license
  16. Master’s degree
  17. Personal
  18. Hofbrauhaus in Munich
  19. KU Tourney Game
  20. SKC Playoffs at Sporting Park
  21. See a show on Broadway
  22. Spend a week off the grid
  23. Climb a mountain (for reals)
  24. Scuba Diving
  25. Drive, not own, a $200,000 car
  26. Take up rock climbing
  27. Read entire Bible chronologically (In progress)
  28. Spend a month in Europe
  29. Personal
  30. Triathlon

Hailey’s List of Goals, subject to change at any time I choose:

  1. Begin pursuit of chosen career goal
  2. Pay off student loans (In progress)
  3. Make my living space beautiful (In progress)
  4. Get a pixie cut
  5. Learn to paint (In progress)
  6. Feel confident in and speak proficient Spanish
  7. Learn French
  8. Travel to Buenos Aires
  9. Mission trip
  10. Find Consistency (In progress)
  11. Learn Photography (In progress)
  12. Eat pasta in Italy
  13. Learn to Surf
  14. New Car
  15. Publish Blog work
  16. See Grand Canyon
  17. Dance Again
  18. Live in Spain- 1 month
  19. Triathlon
  20. Swim in the Mediterranean 
  21. Complete 5k
  22. See Eiffel tower
  23. Personal
  24. Personal
  25. Invest in permanent living
  26. Swim with my puppies
  27. Help change someone’s life
  28. Have the perfect latte in the perfect weather with the perfect book
  29. Create unique cocktail
  30. Go to Israel
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