After about a month away, I’m back! For the past month I’ve gone back and forth on things to write about, ultimately landing in between just taking time to enjoy my break and feeling (misplaced and unnecessary) pressure to write something spectacular.   Tim and I enjoyed two weeks of vacation over my winter break in Kansas.  We were finally able to see family again as well as get a hold of a few friends amid the busy holiday schedule.  I was very thankful for our time in Kansas, but I think I was more grateful to come back to Texas. Not because I was glad to leave, but because I was actually excited to return.  Return to warm weather, a job I like, the home I have with Tim, our bible study, Which Wich, and warm weather (did I say that already?).

Right now while I write this Tim is watching the KU v. K-State game (rock chalk), my dogs are playing together, and we have the windows open allowing fresh air to blow through our apartment (yeah that’s right, open windows in January).  The reason I decided to write tonight was because I finally had that moment of i love my life.  That moment I’ve been waiting for  since July. The moment where I realize that my home is here.  After several lunch dates, double dates, bible studies, hangouts, etc.  it is clear that Tim and I are actually forming community.  We have a lot of forming and growing ahead of us, but it is happening (praise the Lord, oh my soul, worship His holy name).

I’m syncing,  he is syncing,  we are syncing together.  We have our nice little family of 4 (just us and the pups, no babies in this belly), a city we are learning, and weather you’d have to pay me millions to leave (for maybe a day or so).  Even after days like today (which was pretty discouraging at work) I love my life, my journey, my husband, my family, and my Lord, all of which I find myself syncing into rhythm with each day.  I’m stopping here tonight, a nice short entry, but I’m adding a few pictures of my life here for those who would like a visual!