Oh what a week.  I try to update my blog on Wednesdays, however yesterday after working over 10 hours and still not having everything done, I got home just to get back in the car and head to a small group (which was so awesome).  By the time we got home I had 15 minutes until my new bedtime (teachers get up freaking early) and absolutely no energy left in me.  Despite the eventful week I was so dead I couldn’t think of anything to write about.  So I just went to bed, and it was beautiful.

Today was about as crazy as yesterday, which was about as crazy as Tuesday.  Shockingly enough my first week of teaching was not perfect (I mean it was close… just not quite).  I left one day feeling dejected and exhausted, the next day crying and humiliated, and today just freaking tired.  The Lord has been incredibly faithful, He has blessed me with such great mentors and great support group already, and I am learning so much, so though things aren’t easy they are also so good.

And sometimes things are also fun and hilarious.

Apparently Tim talks in his sleep, and not just random things, but coherent ideas about nonexistent activities.  I would like to share three of my favorite episodes of what I’m calling pillow talk.

3. Jazz Hands:  The other night I was dreaming away when I started getting poked in the shoulder “Hey Hey Hey” Tim was trying to get my attention.
“What?” I responded still half dreaming
“Come here” and Tim pulled me closer to cuddle, which made me feel so happy. Until I realized why he needed me…
I don’t know what he was dreaming, but for the next 10 minutes Tim just kept tapping me with all 10 fingers like I was a piano and he was playing a song.  It was the weirdest most hilarious thing.  Thankfully the song ended and I was able to go back to sleep as the human I am.

2. Matching the Bodies:  This happened last night.  I fell asleep thinking about geometry (now that I teach it I’m consumed with the subject… constantly coming up with different ways to communicate lessons to my students).  I was picturing different figures I could use to discuss angle relationships, so naturally when Tim told me at 1:00 a.m. that he couldn’t match the bodies I thought he was telling me that my shapes weren’t clear and would confuse my class.  He said it again “I can’t match the bodies”
I replied, “are my coordinates off?” Still worried about my class…
Again Tim repeated “I can’t match the bodies”.
That’s when I realized he was not talking about my imaginary angles so I said to him “you’re not talking about math are you…”
“no, no” he said, “it’s the video game…”
I don’t know what kind of video games my husband plays in his sleep (I mean what bodies is he trying to match)… but I laughed about it all day.

1. The Big Golf Tournament: As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, Tim loves sports.  As I’ve also mentioned, I do not. So when I got a wake up call the first week of our married life about a Golf Tournament, I was not very pleased.
“Hey… hey… there’s a golf tournament going on at the high school down the street,” Tim was actually shaking me awake to inform me about this.  I look at the clock and it was 5:00 a.m.  Now, I’ve always thought that golf was for the early birds (or maybe it’s fishing…) but I couldn’t help but think that 5 in the morning was a bit ridiculous.  A little confused I asked Tim what the heck he was talking about to which he repeated “There’s a Golf Tournament going on at the high school down the street.”
“Do you want to go?” I asked
“No I just thought you should know…” he told me.
Now I was just frustrated because I don’t like sports, but I do like me some sleep, so rather disgruntled I expressed my frustration asking Tim “Why on earth would I care about that?”  Feeling bad for being rude, when I woke up I asked Tim if he wanted to go to the tournament and watch to which Tim responded “what tournament?” Sleep Tim made the whole thing up… what a rascal.