Life has started. I received a job as a temporary possibly soon to be full time geometry teacher here in Katy.  I am both thrilled and nervous.  I spent my afternoon brushing up on all things geometry over an iced caramel macchiato.  By the time Tim got home from work it was time to get back into the car and go to a picnic some people at our church were having (which was so refreshing, truly lovely people).

We got home and though the original plan was to rest, I found a pack of papers I needed to fill out (like yesterday)  in my inbox.  With what little time we had left in the evening we were scrambling to fill out W-4’s, I-9’s, direct deposit forms, additional information packets, and so on, and of course that was the perfect time for both of our puppies to have an accident.  I could see Tim getting tense as he was trying to help clean up and sort through the paper work I would need for the DPS tomorrow (I’ll finally get my new driver’s license!).  We got everything done, like I knew we would, and Tim took the dogs out to potty one last time before bed (a little too late though).

That’s when it hit me: real life has started.

Tim and I have been paying bills, making grocery lists, going to the vet, following budgets, learning to communicate, merging our ever changing schedules, basically becoming “one” (or starting to).

These things have been good most of the time, really, no complaints.  However as I flipped through pictures from our wedding while Tim was outside I found myself thinking along the lines of the good ol’ times and back when…

back when we were so excited, before we knew of anything that the future would hold.  The good old times when we made quick study breaks to run to Quick Trip, which always turned into hour long conversations, both reminiscing and dreaming.  Back when I left him cute little post it notes with his favorite candy on his desk.  Back when we somehow could pull all nighters just talking to each other. Back when I was stressed and Tim pulled me away from homework to dance with me out in the parking lot.  Back when he made me throw my head back laughing while we shared our first dance as a married couple.

And then back when… uh… wait that was like 2 months ago.  This is  just silly.

So I plugged my iPod in, pushed play as Tim walked in the door and asked if he would dance with me to our wedding song once again.

No wedding dress, no tux, just pajamas and boxers.  No wedding party, no camera, just the pups looking very confused.

And I cried.  Tears of gratitude and joy, remembering once again just how much I love this man (and I’m pretty sure he got a little misty eyed as well).

He told the same joke that made me laugh at the wedding, and once again I threw my head back laughing.

I felt so loved, and I loved so.

I just wanted to share this moment I had, because it was beautiful.  It has only been 2 months, the true obstacles of life have not come yet, however amid the craziness life already is, I’m so glad Tim and I took a second to just remember our love, to embrace one another, and to dance.

My hope for all people is that they can find someone they too can dance through this crazy life with.