Today was quite eventful as Tim helped me celebrate bringing on another year of life!  It consisted of 2 interviews, a trip to the doctor’s office, and 5 fluffy buttermilk pancakes at IHOP.

This fun day began about a week ago at the dog park when I began to see shiny lights flashing in the sky, and then the grass, and then the water, and soon everywhere.  Tiny little lights going off everywhere, even when I closed my eyes.  Nausea set in and my headache increased to a dizzying pain.  Tim drove me home and we had a long night and 6 consecutive days of irritating migraines that kept Tim home from work taking care of me, and me mostly in bed complaining.  Loading up on ibuprofen the pain became manageable and though it was not fun, I was able to go about my week as usual.

Yesterday I received a call from not 1, but TWO schools about an application I sent in wanting me to interview for long-term substitute positions.  Tim and I were both thrilled and we went shopping for an interview outfit (my wardrobe is full of college grunge wear, not a lot of professional attire to say the least).

It was really fun to get dressed up and go talk about what I love, and why I love it with new people who were able to do the same with me.   I don’t know if I will get either position, but I am at peace either way and am just grateful for the opportunity to interview.  However, midday today my migraine began and the shining lights bounced everywhere.  After sleeping several hours of my birthday away I called Tim who suggested looking up a doctor (something  I should have done a while ago).

At 5:15 we were at a family practice where we met with a doctor who gave us not only a good portion of migraine medication but also the advice to stop taking birth control.  Because I’ve been having trouble with this medicine ever since I started taking it I was relieved when the doctor told me that birth control is not for every woman (turns out my body’s rejection is not totally weird!).  So, though Tim and I plan to continue controlling birth, we will no longer be doing it in pill fashion.

After coming home I took one of the pills the doctor gave us and within the hour the lights went away and the pain in my head nearly disappeared.  Tim and I took off to IHOP and enjoyed ourselves some buttermilk pancakes (my choice!) and later took the dogs on a long walk.  All in all, it was an eventful and fun day.  Tim and I ran into unfamiliar territory with the birth control, territory we’re still sorting through together.  I went to my first big kid interviews and had lovely cakes of pan to celebrate 23!  All in all I would say it was a great birthday.