Though being a blonde is oh so much fun, this week I received a coupon for Garnier Nutrisse in the mail and decided to go get a box and try it out! I mean, if it’s good enough for Tina Fey then it’s got to be good enough for me!  Picking one color was hard, at one point I was definitely looking at the blue (life’s too short for one hair color right?) but went for a natural light brown.   Now I have a new hair color to go along with my new city.

I really am starting to fall in love with this city.  I love the stacked highways, the tropical flowers, the unique neighborhoods inside the city, the skyline downtown, the one way roads, the parks that are everywhere, among many other things.  I’m honestly surprised because it’s been so long since I’ve felt excited.  Everything about this time of life is so exciting: looking for a new job, discovering new roads and places, meeting new people, everything is brand new.

Still, there are also times of feeling lonely, inadequate, and as of this week stressed (trying to pass the certification test and pay for a program we still just can’t afford).  Because of this, my favorite part of the week is always Sunday at 1:00.  No matter how confusing or overwhelming a week is Tim and I get to church and I feel peace.  Sunday means going to the one place that makes me feel closest to my home and being around people who love the same One I love, and I just have so much peace.

Today at church one of the staff actually asked us to help with communion and the benediction.  I was so happy they had remembered us (I’m a slow mover with people… I mean it took me like 3 years to date Tim), and it was just a great reminder that God is watching, a reminder I needed.

Looking forward to the next week, Tim and I will keep praying for our Air Conditioning to work again (right now having someone come fix it just is not possible), trying to manage the stress of taking my certification test (I have terrible test anxiety), and trusting God with the rest, which is hard seeing as we don’t even know what “the rest” is.  I just need to breathe, focus on the step ahead of me, and continue enjoying my new city and now my new hair!